60 Tips To Boost Testosterone Levels Naturally

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1.) Sleep More

It’s no suprise that

2.) Take Naps

3.) Stay Away From High Stress People and Situations

  • Some Stress is unavoidable but be aware of the friends and how you go about your day.


4.) Increase Competition


5.) Win More


6.) Make More Money


7.) TestShock Program


8.) Look At Your Posture


9.) Meditate



10.) Don’t Masturbate Too Often

  • Maturbating every seven days or twice a week seems to be the perfect spot for increasing testosterone.


  • If you are going to masturbate stop before climax so you feel motivated.


11.) Have More Sex

12.) Lower Your Voice

13.) Meditate

14.) Have Sex




15.) Eat Eggs

  • Don’t over or fry your eggs. Cooked eggs leave should be runny.
  • Eat The Yolks

Dont Avoid Low Fat Diets

Get Rid Of Midsection Belly Fat


16.) Go On A Paleo Diet

17.) Food Controls Your Hormones

18.) Stay Away From Soy

19.) Creatine

20.) No Processed Foods.

21.) Eliminate Sugars

22.)Reduce Your Grains

23.) Healthy Fats Are Good For You

24.) Eat Zinc

Increase Vitamin D Levels

25.) Consume More Fat

26.) Don’t Go Vegan

27.) Coffee Over Tea

28.) Stay Hydrated

29.) Get Great Multivitamins – put at the end of list –


30.) Eat Steak


31.) Eat Oysters


32.) Season Food With Garlic


33.) Eat An Orange Every Day


34.) Eat Salmon


35.) Avoid Trans Fat


36.) Avoid Plastic Containers



37.) Lose Weight


38.) Lift Heavy

39.) Natural Movements – Calisthenics

40.) Stay Off Of The Machines

41.) Don’t Go To The Gym Too Often

42.) Keep in mind working out puts stress on your body and mind. Leave time for your body to recover.

43.) Eliminate Cardio

44.) Running for long periods of time tends to drain you.


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