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The 5 Best Exercises for High Testosterone

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Lifting heavy weights is a proven method of increasing strength and testosterone. According to studies conducted by Lohnes and University of Kansas, Testosterone is proven to be increased by high power exercise. Subjects conducted sessions of compound exercises over two sessions. The subjects saw an increase in Testosterone which lead to bigger and leaner muscles.

The exercises listed are compound exercises proven to be the Best Exercises for Testosterone.

The 5 Best Exercises for High Testosterone



As simple as lifting things off of the ground. The deadlift is a two part movement. Preparing to lift the object and lifting the object. Prepare lifting the object by keep your back strong and eyes up. Life the object by having your eyes up and breathing heavily. This is one of the best exercises for high testosterone, in my opinion.  


Push Ups

Just as Deadlifts is as simple as picking up an object from the ground. This exercise features the Triceps and Chest muscles.

push ups formation



The exercise that is able to get you to lift the most weight. Do this exercise by keeping an erect posture and keeping your knees engaged the whole time.
back squat



Bench Press

One of the most famous gym exercises. This lift engages both your Triceps and Chest muscles. Imagine a push-up turned 180 degrees.

bench press


Pull Ups

My favorite exercise. This exercise engages your entire back as well as your bicep. Use this lift everyday and see how you get impressive strength gains.


pull ups rear



This in-depth article is inspired by the YouTube video, ‘How to Increase Testosterone Naturally’ created by Jeff Nippard. Feel free to share this article and spread the Best Test information.