Debunked: Testosterone Ingredients That Don’t Work

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Many of these ingredients on this list are helpful to you in someway whether that be prostate health, energy and overall health. However, these ingredients do not directly increase Testosterone levels.


Ginger – Used to relieve nausea from morning sickness in pregnancy, motion sickness and feelings of nausea. Considering nausea is a side effect of most Testosterone Boosting Supplements, hence why it is such a common Testosterone Boosting Ingredient.(1)

Ginger Testosterone Boosting

Saw Palmetto – Extracted from Serenoa this ingredient has shown consistently to be ineffective in boosting testosterone. Although it is effective in aiding the prostate.(2)


Paederia Foetida – This ingredient does not have enough research and is not used commonly.

Velvet Antler – Derived from crushing Deer or Elk antlers, this ingredient was used in Ancient Chinese Medicine. However, studies have found that Velvet Antler only aids in skin regeneration.(3)

Velvet Antler Testosterone Boosting

If you would like to know the ingredients that do work, read our post on the Best Testosterone Boosting Ingredients.

 The Best Ingredients That Boost Testosterone


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