What women are Secretly Saying about Low Testosterone men.

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According to a study conducted by Newsweek. Between 15 percent and 20 percent of couples are living in a marriage without sex.


My Partner Won’t Have Sex With Me.


According to a study conducted by NewsWeek. Between 15 percent and 20 percent of couples are living in a sexless marriage. Couples stated that the main reason for sexless marriage. Couples stated the main reason for sexless marriage was lack of energy.


There are over 200,000 searches related to sexless marriage each month according to Google. Some of the searches include, Sexless Marriage, My Boyfriend Won’t Kiss Me, My Boyfriend Won’t Touch Me, Sexless Marriage Counseling and Platonic Marriage.


A few of the complaints made by women include:

“I have spent most of our marriage having the same discussion about the lack of sex in our relationship. Begging him to get his Testosterone levels tested, to go therapy, anything! Always got an excuse why it wasn’t possible at the moment. ”

  • Meg from r/Deadbedrooms


“Men start so loving and sexual and then is like power out! Suckkkkksssssssss!”

  • Sonny from City-Data


My Partner Has Low Energy


Low Energy may be related to a poor diet lacking in Iron or B12. However, if a man is feeling down in the dumps on a regular basis it’s almost always lack of testosterone. The lack of energy caused by Low Testosterone can increase your amount of fat in your body, exaggerating the problem.

It has been scientifically proven that the more a man ages the less energy he has. This is compounded by stress at school and work. Between all of the responsibilities a man has it can seem impossible to go to the gym or start intimacy.

The reason why I have spent so much time analyzing the effects of Testosterone treatment is that I know it can turn a man’s life around. I suggest adding ginseng or guarana to supplements to get that extra kick of energy.


back squat

The 5 Best Exercises for High Testosterone

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Lifting heavy weights is a proven method of increasing strength and testosterone. According to studies conducted by Lohnes and University of Kansas, Testosterone is proven to be increased by high power exercise. Subjects conducted sessions of compound exercises over two sessions. The subjects saw an increase in Testosterone which lead to bigger and leaner muscles.

The exercises listed are compound exercises proven to be the Best Exercises for Testosterone.

The 5 Best Exercises for High Testosterone



As simple as lifting things off of the ground. The deadlift is a two part movement. Preparing to lift the object and lifting the object. Prepare lifting the object by keep your back strong and eyes up. Life the object by having your eyes up and breathing heavily. This is one of the best exercises for high testosterone, in my opinion.  


Push Ups

Just as Deadlifts is as simple as picking up an object from the ground. This exercise features the Triceps and Chest muscles.

push ups formation



The exercise that is able to get you to lift the most weight. Do this exercise by keeping an erect posture and keeping your knees engaged the whole time.
back squat



Bench Press

One of the most famous gym exercises. This lift engages both your Triceps and Chest muscles. Imagine a push-up turned 180 degrees.

bench press


Pull Ups

My favorite exercise. This exercise engages your entire back as well as your bicep. Use this lift everyday and see how you get impressive strength gains.


pull ups rear



This in-depth article is inspired by the YouTube video, ‘How to Increase Testosterone Naturally’ created by Jeff Nippard. Feel free to share this article and spread the Best Test information.



Debunked: Testosterone Ingredients That Don’t Work

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Many of these ingredients on this list are helpful to you in someway whether that be prostate health, energy and overall health. However, these ingredients do not directly increase Testosterone levels.


Ginger – Used to relieve nausea from morning sickness in pregnancy, motion sickness and feelings of nausea. Considering nausea is a side effect of most Testosterone Boosting Supplements, hence why it is such a common Testosterone Boosting Ingredient.(1)

Ginger Testosterone Boosting

Saw Palmetto – Extracted from Serenoa this ingredient has shown consistently to be ineffective in boosting testosterone. Although it is effective in aiding the prostate.(2)


Paederia Foetida – This ingredient does not have enough research and is not used commonly.

Velvet Antler – Derived from crushing Deer or Elk antlers, this ingredient was used in Ancient Chinese Medicine. However, studies have found that Velvet Antler only aids in skin regeneration.(3)

Velvet Antler Testosterone Boosting

If you would like to know the ingredients that do work, read our post on the Best Testosterone Boosting Ingredients.

 The Best Ingredients That Boost Testosterone


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jon jones testosterone boosting

15 of The Best Testosterone Boosting Ingredients

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How I Wrote This Article:

I did my research by reviewing blogs and ebooks. I then referenced the studies cited. Sometimes, the studies cited disagree with what they say. I then checked the reviews on Amazon to see if the claims were correct and if supplements could provide the benefits that were hyped up.

Considering the fact that as a man gets older his testosterone and sex drive get lower. Thus, ingredients in this list will help increase both Libido and Testosterone.

The Best Testosterone Boosting Ingredients

1.) Anacyclus Pyrethrum – This herb is used as an aphrodisiac in many cultures. For thousands of years it was used as a medicine in the ancient Ayurvedic medicine system. This herb has been shown to increase testosterone in mice. (1)

The Reviews: The most popular supplements that feature Anacylus Pyrethrum are mass gainers, the most popular being AnaBeta Elite. However, if you’re looking for Anacylus Pyrethrum I recommend getting it in capsules.



2.) Boron – An element that was formed billions of years ago during the Big Bang. This element is found every from nature to food. Boron itself alone does not produce testosterone. However, Boron increases the effects of testosterone producing chemicals.(2)


The Reviews:

Because Boron is so effective at increasing testosterone boosting chemicals, most products boost testosterone feature Boron.




3.) Cordyceps – A fungas that comes from moth larvae from the hills of Asia. Increases levels of Testosterone levels in Mice, it’s not confirmed whether or not it increase T levels in mice.


Would Not Recommend



4.) D-Aspartic Acid (DAA) – Marketed as the hottest Testosterone boosting supplement on the market. There are studies to back up this claim. One study found evidence of DAA’s testosterone boosting effects.(3)


The Reviews:

This supplement has overwhelmingly positive reviews. There are studies that show that DAA isn’t a magical supplement. However, you wouldn’t get this impression from reading the Amazon reviews. Supplements that contain D-Aspartic Acid as their main ingredient overwhelmingly have positive reviews.


Highly Recommend




5.) Holy Basil – Known as “Tulsi” in India. Holy Basil is used to reduce stress and anxiety and is mainly digested in an herbal tea. Considering the fact that stress or rather high cortisol isn’t good for your testosterone levels.(4) Although Holy Basil doesn’t directly relate to a boost in testosterone levels we still recommend putting it in your diet.






6.) Horny Goat Weed (Icaritin)- Like it’s name implies Horny Goat Weed does in fact make you horny.(5) It’s name came from when Goats were eating through the field they came upon the weed and felt a little frisky thus the layman name was created.  HGW is know to treat ED and can give you involuntary ejaculations. HGW acts as an aphrodisiac in both genders.(6)





The Reviews:

Horny Goat Weed has been used for thousands of years because it works. Thus, there are overwhelmingly positive reviews on the product.





7.) Maca – A vegetable grown in the mountain of South America, this ingredient acts as an Aphrodisiac. This vegetable is considered to be a superfood packed with healthy nutrients.(7)





8.) Mucuna Pruriens (Velvet Bean) – The most important benefit of the Velvet Bean is that it helps improve sperm quality in men undergoing infertility screening.(8) It also significantly increase testosterone in men. (9) We recommend it in capsules.


Highly Recommend



9.) Long Jack (Tongkat Ali) – It’s quite reliable to say that Long Jack will increase your Libido and Sex Drive. As for the Testosterone boosting effects, no credible studies have yet to be provided.



The Reviews:

One thing that keeps coming up is the terrible taste. Some people say taking the powder by the spoon was, “one of the worst experiences”. However, once you add it to some Orange Juice or Coffee to better the taste you’ll discover the benefits of Long Jack.


Highly Recommend




10.) Fenugreek – Fenugreek is one of those ingredients that are in a lot of products from Test X180, TestoBoost and many more. What’s for sure is that Fenugreek is excellent for your blood sugar, being used for patients with Diabetes.(11)



The Reviews:

Considering the fact that supplements containing Fenugreek tend to be the highest selling products.






11.) Ginseng (Panax Ginseng) – Used more commonly as an energy booster. A benefit of most Testosterone Boosters is more energy.







12.) King Oyster Mushroom – Commonly consumed in Japan, when cooked this ingredient has an Umami taste. King Oyster Mushrooms tend to lower the cholesterol.(12) There was a study on elk they found a very high increase in testosterone in high dosages. However, it is unclear on the effect of humans.(13)


Highly Recommend



13.) Oysters High in testosterone boosting ingredients such as Magnesium and Zinc. It’s also filled with healthy fats.(14) Oysters can be consumed cooked, powder and raw. We recommend consuming raw oysters, doing so preserves the nutrients.


Highly Recommend


14.) Basella Alba (Indian Spinach) – Studies have reliably shown that Basella Alba increases sperm count and testosterone in male rats.




15.) Stinging Nettle – It can be concluded that Stinging Nettle increases the effects of other testosterone increasing ingredients. However, there needs to be more studies on how Stinging Nettle relates to Testosterone. Studies have reliably concluded that Stinging Nettle is great for prostate health.  


Do Not Recommend





The Testosterone Ingredients That Don’t Work

The overwhelming majority of products and ingredients on the Testosterone market DO NOT work. So, we made a list of what won’t give you the Best Testosterone Levels.







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60 Tips To Boost Testosterone Levels Naturally

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1.) Sleep More

It’s no suprise that

2.) Take Naps

3.) Stay Away From High Stress People and Situations

  • Some Stress is unavoidable but be aware of the friends and how you go about your day.


4.) Increase Competition


5.) Win More


6.) Make More Money


7.) TestShock Program


8.) Look At Your Posture


9.) Meditate



10.) Don’t Masturbate Too Often

  • Maturbating every seven days or twice a week seems to be the perfect spot for increasing testosterone.


  • If you are going to masturbate stop before climax so you feel motivated.


11.) Have More Sex

12.) Lower Your Voice

13.) Meditate

14.) Have Sex




15.) Eat Eggs

  • Don’t over or fry your eggs. Cooked eggs leave should be runny.
  • Eat The Yolks

Dont Avoid Low Fat Diets

Get Rid Of Midsection Belly Fat


16.) Go On A Paleo Diet

17.) Food Controls Your Hormones

18.) Stay Away From Soy

19.) Creatine

20.) No Processed Foods.

21.) Eliminate Sugars

22.)Reduce Your Grains

23.) Healthy Fats Are Good For You

24.) Eat Zinc

Increase Vitamin D Levels

25.) Consume More Fat

26.) Don’t Go Vegan

27.) Coffee Over Tea

28.) Stay Hydrated

29.) Get Great Multivitamins – put at the end of list –


30.) Eat Steak


31.) Eat Oysters


32.) Season Food With Garlic


33.) Eat An Orange Every Day


34.) Eat Salmon


35.) Avoid Trans Fat


36.) Avoid Plastic Containers



37.) Lose Weight


38.) Lift Heavy

39.) Natural Movements – Calisthenics

40.) Stay Off Of The Machines

41.) Don’t Go To The Gym Too Often

42.) Keep in mind working out puts stress on your body and mind. Leave time for your body to recover.

43.) Eliminate Cardio

44.) Running for long periods of time tends to drain you.


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How To Test Testosterone Levels

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There are three types of ways to test Testosterone Levels, blood, urine and saliva. Blood is by far the most accurate of the three tests.


Saliva Test:

Just spit in the cup, put it in the mail and a week later you’ll get your test results.

View Saliva Test On Amazon


Blood Test and Urine Test:

Find A Testing Center and order a test for $129. If you have ever gotten tested for STD’s or had to have a drug test, these places are highly likely to be able to test your Testosterone as well.


What Are The Average Testosterone Levels:

The problem with testing Testosterone levels is that there isn’t one accepted standard.  Different labs use different measurements which creates confusion among patients and doctors.




AgeAverageLow TestMediumHigh
Under 25692




Soruce: menshormonalhealth.com/normal-testosterone-levels.html